Brief Info About The Consortium

One of the missions of the Faculty of Education and Human Development of the Sultan Idris Education University is to collaborate its education, research and community services programs with all education universities within Asia-Pacific region. This mission inspires the Vice Chancellor and the Dean of the faculty to collaborate the strengths among education universities of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand for the benefits of member countries. 

The main missions of all Indonesian universities as stipulated by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia are: (1) to improve and increase academic excellence, (2) to improve research capability and (3) provide community services through academic and research applications. It is believed that similar missions are also being implemented by all universities of education in Asia Pacific countries. This plan has been brought to the attention of several education universities in Indonesia in several meetings during the last four years, either in Malaysia or in Indonesia.

The prime aim of the consortium is to improve and develop a standardized education among all member countries in Asia Pacific by improving the quality of teacher training and education, research and community services among the member universities and be competitive with other education universities in the world. The motto is that we will prosper faster and better when we combine all capacities of all member universities of education in the region. The secretariat of the consortium will be rotated among member countries within every two years.

The member countries have to develop industrial minded and high-tech society to cope with the need of higher and more competitive skilled workers in the decades to come.  The minds of teachers must first be changed in order that the changes are spread out among our new generations who will value time, quality, effectiveness and efficiency. The teachers produced by our teacher training and education universities/institutes must also be able to transform the knowledge, skills and attitudes they have acquired from their universities to their students from primary, junior high, senior high schools to community colleges that produce the needed human capacity for trading, industries and services.  Investment will be moved to other regions in the world once industrial human capacities are not qualified and certified by international standards, especially for high tech industries and services. 

Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Timor Leste in South-East Asian Countries and other countries in the region have many things in common, including in the areas of education, except Singapore which exceeds better than other Asia-Pacific countries. The South East Asian nations share culture, language and perspectives through population mobilizations that have been taken placed for thousands of years until formal boundaries are marked between the nations during and after the era of colonization by western powers. Globalization is now bringing them back together and uniting them under several forums, associations, consortiums and other forms of unifications. The unification is not in the form of geographic but rather under a bilateral, trilateral or many lateral agreements which are now developing between the nations; in education, trade, transportation and communication.  

“Be united to be strong”, as stated by the Late President Soekarno, the first president of Indonesia, is proven to be true when all nations within this region reunite again to reach goals and aims to be achieved in industries, trades, education, transportation, technology, communication and in diplomacy.  Education, however, will be the key factor in uniting ourselves in sharing experiences and in aiming to improve the welfares of the peoples within the region.With fast natural resources to be explored and used them renewably, it will be one of the strongest union of nations in the world and education will be the gate to navigate these nations to achieve such goals and objectives.

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